The client: SynerTrade

Cas client Naes - logo SynerTrade

Cas client Naes - logo SynerTrade

With more than 500 clients, SynerTrade is one of the most comprehensive vendors of eProcurement and expense analysis solutions worldwide.

Its eProcurement Suite – SynerTrade Accelerate – brings customers to the next level of digitalization offering them access to the best of today’s technologies, including cloud, big data, community and mobility.

SynerTrade is one of the software entities of Digital Dimension - Econocom Group.

Problem statement: how to retain international clients with gamification

SynerTrade is a global leading company. Find new ways to retain its clients which are key accounts in the Automative industry, Transportation, Bank, Retail or even Health Care is an everyday challenge.

The answer for SynerTrade was to create a new loyalty program named Synerclub using gamification features.

This program, solely reserved for SynerTrade’s customers who use SynerTrade’s suite of digital procurement solutions, Accelerate, is resolutely focused on customer satisfaction and sharing experiences.

SynerTrade clients can collect points, realizing testimonials about SynerTrade solutions with their network, market analysts or specialized press, all while acquiring benefits for their company.

Depending on the type of testimonials realized and cumulated points, SynerTrade clients can access different status level. The higher is the status, the easier it would be for the client to gain points and reach advantages.

There are three statuses: Red, Silver and Black.

Cas client SynerTrade : SynerCLub Status

Cas client SynerTrade : SynerCLub Status

The Naes answer: a multi-user and multi-lingual web application using Drupal

Thanks to its expertise in consultancy and development of personalized web applications, Naes helped Synertrade's business and marketing team on the conception and functionalities specification of this platform.

For this project, Naes did:

  • The business requirements analysis;
  • The web application functional requirements analysis to answer business needs;
  • The technical architecture of the platform;
  • The web design and UX;
  • The development of the front-end and back-end;
  • The integration of all contents;
  • The redaction of all user's guides;

The multiple functionalities of SynerClub

With this platform, SynerTrade benefits from a multi-user tool completely manageable. Indeed, SynerClub has about 30 essential functionalities such as :

1. A "client" access with:

  • An advanced dashboard giving him clear information on his status, number of points, personal data, last testimonials, and the current satisfaction surveys;
  • A testimonial preferences interface where the client can indicate the different types of testimonials he would be ok to make (cumulated points will be different depending on the type of testimonial chosen);
  • A profile user interface (to edit language, photo, email contact...);
  • A "contact operator" button to ask a SynerTrade operator to convert his points.

Cas client SynerTrade : SynerCLub Client Dashboard

Cas client SynerTrade : SynerCLub Client Dashboard

2. An "operator" access for SynerTrade's account managers with:

  • A management dashboard interface to ask SynerClub "administrators" to create new client users, to edit existing clients users, to create new clients testimonials and manage the testimonials that are linked to him or to other "operators", to create and manage new testimonials goals;
  • A search engine with filters to display clients users by name, surname, function, company, status, testimonial preferences, average notation for client satisfaction, country, size of the company, the SynerTrade's software solution used, business sector...;
  • A search engine with filters to display all clients testimonials linked to him by testimonial title, testimonial type, company, client's name, client's surname, date of creation.

3. An "administrator" access for SynerTrade's webmaster with:

  • All the "operator" functionalities listed above;
  • A dedicated interface for clients accounts validation;
  • Several interfaces dedicated to the platform configuration, contents administration and translation.

Moreover, SynerClub application uses email notifications to alert clients and operators about the essential steps of an account creation or cancellation, the submission of a new testimonial, the submission of a planned survey and even more!

Benefits for SynerTrade

With this web application and with Naes support, benefits for SynerTrade are several:

  • SynerClub app has a lot of user-friendly functionalities which leverage the quality of the relationship between SynerTrade and its clients, and also help them to reach more business objectives;
  • Thanks to the search engine and the export tool of the SynerClub app, SynerTrade accounts managers are able to know immediately the clients satisfaction and contact them if needed;
  • The technology used for this app is based on Drupal, so it is made to evolve. This way, SynerTrade can optimize it regularly by adding new features to the application, without any issue with technological sustainability;
  • SynerTrade can count on Naes expertise in maintaining Drupal's web applications. They can use Naes Support platform to warn Naes about any encountered bugs on the web app, or ask to modify functionalities within a short and safe time frame;
  • SynerTrade can count on Naes to understand their marketing and business needs and get personalized solutions to answer their ongoing and future challenges.

To know more, please read the official press release.

Technologies used for this project

Development, staging and production environment have been created by Naes Consulting using these technologies:

  • CMS / Framework Drupal 7;
  • LAMP Server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP);
  • Framework jQuery, jQuery UI.

Post-project support

  • With Naes Support solutions, Naes ​supports SynerTrade with a third-party application maintenance contract (evolutionary and corrective);
  • With Naes Hosting solutions, Naes supports SynerTrade by hosting the platform.

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