The client : Société Générale

Société Générale is one of France's oldest and leading banks. It is one of the three pillars of the non-mutualist French banking industry with Le Crédit Lyonnais (LCL) and BNP Paribas.

A new set of services has been created: SogeTrade&Services. It makes it easier to issue, manage and monitor all its international transactions and domestic guarantees via a website organized into several application modules.

Problem statement: to have a modern and lively online tutorial tool

This new service and its online application are indeed rich in features. Indeed, the Sogetrade&Services portal offers its customers the opportunity to subscribe to one or more of the following modules:

  • Import documentary credit
  • Export documentary credit
  • Import document delivery
  • Export document delivery
  • Standby letter of credit issued
  • International guarantee issued
  • Domestic bond

To support the sales representatives in the field, and to promote this new portal in the best possible way, a set of videos in US English and French were produced. It remained to be determined how to disseminate and manage them, given that the technology to be used should be modern and capable of adapting to multiple devices and media (tablet, PC, smartphone), and with a complete back office so that Société Générale could freely feed it over time with new videos.

The Naes answer: un site web Drupal multilingue, multi-utilisateurs de videos en streaming

After various design meetings, the idea was to design a website with a simple and intuitive interface for users in their navigation, and a powerful back-office for Société Générale's administrators.

Naes has therefore developed this site with the possibility:

  • to freely feed the tutorial videos (creation, editing, publication, archiving, deletion);
  • to be able to offer these videos in streaming regardless of the hardware used (PC, MAC, Tablet Android or iOS, Mobile);
  • to be able to re-order and categorize videos;
  • to be able to manage all user accesses with multiple access levels;
  • to have the ability to manage all content and access interfaces in English and French.


Benefits for Société Générale teams

Users and sales representatives have clear and simple information at all times on all the functionalities included in the service offer.

Administrators can freely improve, add, delete new videos and categorize them into appropriate themes, and track user activity.

Post-project support

Naes is a consulting company close to its clients and ensures that it provides the best possible support. In this spirit, training was provided at the end of the project, supplemented by a User Guide available in English and French, as well as support on maintenance and technical support via a maintenance contract for its Naes Support offer.