The client: Sofrat

Cas client Naes - logo Sofrat

Cas client Naes - logo Sofrat

Sofrat is a french consulting firm, well known for its expertise in secondment of professionals in the Construction industry since 1982.

The problem statement: modernize an old extranet

Sofrat used for years an extranet for its employees in order to manage their leave requests and time allocations (timesheet).

The main issue with this extranet was its non user-friendly interface and its backend complexity. Sofrat decided to launch a new project with Naes by redesigning and remodeling the extranet with a modern and user-friendly interface to answer HR team, Accounts department and employees needs.

Cas Client Naes - Sofrat - visuel application web de Gestion des Temps et Activités des salariés

The Naes answer​: a personalized web application using Drupal

For this project, Naes developed a web application using Drupal technology and integrating several functionalities that were vital for Sofrat's productivity.

Indeed, this app is meant to serve HR team, account department and employees.

For the HR team and account department, the application gives access to a dashboard allowing them to:

  • Search and manage each leave request;
  • Search and download all activity allocations;
  • Search and manage all down payment requests in order to validate or refuse them;
  • Manage public holidays list;
  • Follow and manage all users accounts (employees and also administrators & HR accounts);
  • Import from a CSV file all the users and their paid holidays rights (exported from their payroll management system).

If you want to know each functionality of this application for HR side, please contact us!

For the employees, the application allows them to:

  • Check for their leave balance;
  • Know precisely the number of days of leave request that were validated for the nxt 3 months;
  • Create and follow their leave requests;
  • Check their activity allocations day by day, month by month, year by year thanks to a dynamic calendar. The calendar also inform the employee if its leave request was accepted or not;
  • Create allocations of time within the dynamic calendar;
  • Generate an activity allocations report;
  • Create down payment requests and list them from the oldest to the newest with status indications (approved, in progress, refused).

If you want to know each functionality of this application for employees side, please contact us!​

The benefits for Sofrat

Sofrat got several benefits from Naes support:

  • User friendly functionalities of the new extranet make HR team gain time;
  • Each user are notified of ongoing actions;
  • The technology used for this app is based on Drupal, so it is made to evolve. This way, Sofrat can optimize it regularly by adding new features to the application, without any issue with technological sustainability;
  • Sofrat can count on Naes expertise in maintaining Drupal's web applications and use Naes Support platform to warn Naes about any encountered bugs on the web app, or ask to modify functionalities within a short and safe time frame;
  • Sofrat can count on Naes to understand their marketing and business needs and get personalized solutions to answer their ongoing and future challenges.

The application in numbers

  • 100 employees using the application
  • 300 daily entries: activity allocations, leave requests, down payement requests...
  • 20+ functionalities

Technologies used for this project

  • CMS / Framework Drupal 7
  • LAMP Server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Framework jQuery, jQuery UI

Post-project support

Naes also supports Sofrat in the technical maintenance and the evolution of this application with a Third party Application Maintenance contract (and also for their institutional website

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to create an application for Human Ressources too!