Who is this offer for?

This offer is intended for all companies and organizations in all sectors wishing to benefit from the support of a person dedicated to community management (without necessarily wanting to hire) or in order to support existing internal teams.

Naes Community will allow you to:

  • benefit from a qualitative expertise & support in social media;
  • create an impactful strategy and editorial line for your social netowrks;
  • be helped in the management of your social networks: writing, publishing, moderation and analysis of posts;
  • benefit from a better online visibility to promote your brand, products and services;
  • address new targets or a wider audience by adapting your brand to social network codes;
  • be supported during live events of the brand;
  • be helped in identifying influencers.

How does it work?

1 - Initialization phase

This phase is managed out by our digital media expert Naes in collaboration with your team, taking into account your needs and available resources. During this one:

  • we carry out an inventory of your digital presence
  • we implement the social media strategy and editorial line adapted to your challenges.
  • we can also work on the adaptation of your graphic charter to adapt it to the different social platforms.

2 - Operational phase

Once the initialization phase is completed, we set up a service contract that will allow you to be supported by a Community Manager who will operate on site and/or remotely from your office.

The Community Manager will be able to:

  • create an editorial calendar with all the contents for the following month (in accordance with the editorial line);
  • write the publications (which will systematically be submitted to you for validation before being published);
  • schedule all posts to be published;
  • manage the moderation of your posts, to animate the community or answer questions from your customers;
  • monitor publication performance and provide you with analytical reports, usually on a quarterly basis;
  • adapt the strategy according to the evolution of your objectives, in particular through regular recommendations;
  • publish or film live on your brand or products at events;
  • detect and maintain the relationship with influencers.

For even greater flexibility, we will study together the number of days to be allocated monthly to this support. You will be able to adjust the credit of days during the year, upwards or downwards in a flexible way. This contract is renewable by simple amendment and includes monthly advice and quality monitoring by the agency, as well as an online tool for monitoring all services and actions carried out on a daily basis.

Of course, this offer will also allow you to reinforce teams that would already be in place within your organization or to develop an established strategy.

Like Longchamp, Balmain or Antea Group, don't hesitate to call us!

I would like to be supported in community management

Naes: a reliable partner and contractualized commitments

  • All our contracts are standard and have been validated by a French firm. They can be adapted to your context and needs.
  • All our tools and data are hosted and secured on our own server racks in data centers located in France.
  • Our team is composed of French citizens speaking French or English, and based in France or abroad to meet the needs of 24/7/365 of some of our clients.