What does this web hosting offer include?

Aware that you sometimes have neither the time nor systematically an IT team at your disposal, we have designed an offer that is able to support you before, during and after the setting up of a hosting service, thus allowing you to remain focused on your business.

Our offer includes:

  • the rental of hosting on a dedicated or shared server;
  • a cloud storage server (optional);
  • support for the migration of the service(s), site(s) or web application(s);
  • technical assistance throughout the year;
  • full reversibility at the end of the contract.

How to choose between dedicated, shared, cloud?​

Hosting on a dedicated server

This type of hosting is done on a server that is 100% dedicated to you; and which is installed, configured and sized on a case-by-case basis.

This choice is recommended for any SaaS service, e-commerce, intranet or extranet site or web application :

  • requiring to be configured on a software environment specific to the hosted service;
  • whose resources are to be 100% guaranteed;
  • whose traffic will be high or for which the speed of loading pages or delivering media (images, videos) is an important issue;
  • whose criticality and data security is very high;
  • for which we want to be reassured on the geographical position of the server (in France under French law for example);

Hosting on a shared server

Shared hosting is done on a server on which several websites are hosted and which will share the available resources (memory, disk space, CPU, etc.).

This choice is recommended for any "non-critical" website such as an institutional site, event, greetings card, blog (...) :

  • that does not need to be configured on a specific software environment;
  • whose performance expectations remain non-critical;
  • for which the start-up must be extremely fast;
  • and finally, for which we want to ensure that we obtain the best possible quality/price ratio.

Cloud storage server

In addition to dedicated hosting, the implementation of a storage server (accessible on a dedicated IP) can be extremely important depending on the criticality and the amount of data to be kept (archives)..

I would like to set up a hosting contract

How is this offer set up?

It is carried out in 3 different phases.

1 - Initialization phase

This is the phase of empowerment and change support that includes:

  • Audit of the sizing of the application and the service(s) to be hosted (log analysis, customer questionnaire, etc.);
  • Recommendation and choice of a suitable server and configuration;
  • Signing of the hosting contract;
  • Installation and installation of the server;
  • Transferring your domain name(s);
  • Configuration of DNS and sub-domain(s) ;
  • Implementation of secure access (SFTP/SSH);
  • Implementation of security by HTTP/2 (HTTPS);
  • Migration of your data (files and databases);
  • Mailbox configuration (POP) - if included in the selected hosting type.

2 - Operational phase

This is the hosting and technical follow-up phase under annual contract that includes:

  • Rental of the dedicated or shared hosting server;
  • Rental of the cloud storage server - if the option is selected;
  • Online technical support by standard PSG ticket (5/7 from 9am to 7pm);
  • Monitoring of the server throughout the contract;
  • Preventive maintenance for environmental security updates - dedicated server only;
  • Planned backup strategy on a dedicated storage space or on a cloud storage server - if the option is selected.

Do not hesitate to ask for the implementation of a Third Party Application Maintenance contract to ensure security and make corrections or changes to services, sites and web applications intended to be hosted on these servers.

3 - Reversibility Phase​

This is the phase of transmission of the file to a third party service provider or for an internal resumption of hosting when a contract ceases, and includes:

  • Return of all documents concerning the application;
  • Delivery of an electronic backup of all source codes;
  • Export of all intervention tickets to date;
  • Transfer of skills;

Naes: a reliable partner and contractualized commitments

  • All our contracts are standard and have been validated by a French firm. They can be adapted to your technological context and needs
  • All our tools and their data are hosted on our own server racks installed in OVH datacenters located exclusively in France.
  • Our dedicated, shared and cloud hosting offers are based on our own server racks installed in OVH datacenters, whose geographical location is based on the customer's needs.
  • Our team is composed only of French citizens speaking French or English, and based in France or abroad to meet the needs of 24/7/365 of some of our clients.