Who is this audit offer for?

It is aimed at all companies and independent entrepreneurs who are concerned or willing:

  • to evaluate and improve the technical quality of a web service or application and/or the platform hosting it;
  • to ensure the full security and performance of their platform;
  • to optimize their positioning in search engines (SEO) of all or part of their application or web service;
  • to provide better visibility and a perfect understanding of a product or service;
  • to obtain a critical and independent analysis on the ergonomic quality of the pages or screens of their platform (forms, product pages, order or contact tunnel, etc.).

What does it cover?

Our offer will allow us to meet all your legitimate expectations by offering 3 distinct but complementary audits. Each time, our experts carry out a real fundamental work because we know how important the result of this work is for you, for your company and for what it sells.

Technical audit of quality, safety and performance

This audit will evaluate the entire technical structure on which your website or web application is based: hosting, bandwidth, database, loading speed, source code analysis, etc. In particular, we will carry out the analyses:

  • Server, software, file and database architecture;
  • Security and intrusion tests;
  • Performance and speed of execution;
  • Quality and maintainability of source code;
  • Statistical data (provided by the client or a third party partner);
  • The appropriateness of the technological choices made.

This audit is necessary if you wish to set up a Web Hosting contract or a Third Party Application Maintenance contract.

Marketing and SEO audit (SEO)

For this audit, we carry out three sets of analyses: technical, semantic and netlinking. The report will indicate all possible areas for improvement. We will check this way:

  • Semantics through the relevant use of web tags;
  • The audience and behaviour;
  • The different third-party tools and tagging in place;
  • Technical components: domain name, url, page title, meta, robots.txt ;
  • The presence of blocking factors;
  • The editorial line and editorial content;
  • The notoriety and netlinking of your site;
  • Your presence and strategy on social networks;
  • All your internal documents useful in our work.

Graphical and ergonomic audit

The ergonomic quality of a website or application aims to make the user experience simple and intuitive. The choices in terms of design, adapted colours, use of space, quality of visuals in relation to your target are therefore decisive and also depend on the target audience or sector. For this audit, we will evaluate:

  • Utility (relevance of functionalities to objectives);
  • Usability (ease and efficiency of use);
  • Intuitive navigation;
  • Interactivity messages and user feedback;
  • Layout and graphic consistency.

I would like to audit my web platform

How is it set up?

Its implementation is rather simple:

  • Together we determine the types of audits desired and the number of sites and areas to be audited (e.g. if the site exists in several languages and instances);
  • Therefore, depending on the criticality and confidentiality of the data to be audited, we sign an agreement for an audit assignment and we immediately start our work;
  • At the end of the project, we deliver a concise and structured audit report in 5 key chapters: context, objectives, organisation, recommendations and priority and minority areas for improvement. With this report, you will be able to make the right decisions.

The immediate benefits of this offer

  • A clear and precise audit agreement;
  • Recommendations that can be understood without technical knowledge;
  • Setting up a mirror site to protect your data during the audit;
  • The delivery of a complete and above all personalized audit report.

Naes: a reliable partner and contractualized commitments

  • All our contracts are standard and have been validated by a French firm. They can be adapted to your technological context and needs.
  • All our tools and their data are hosted on our own server racks installed in OVH datacenters located exclusively in France.
  • Our team is composed only of French citizens speaking French or English, and based in France or abroad to meet the needs of 24/7/365 of our clients.